Ancillary Services

An independent Central Sterilization unit capable of taking the total working load of operation theatres, laboratories close to the operation theatre block itself. It has adequate equipment like bulk sterilize with separate ends for loading unsettle material, unloading sterile, cold sterilize, Ethylene oxide sterilize, freon ethylene instruments and mattress sterilize, sterile racks, mixers, and trays for instruments. This department work round the clock and all materials, instruments, trays, and dressing material etc. are supplied round the clock.


  • The Central Mechanical laundry is provided with bulk washing machine, Hydro-Extractor, flat rolling machine.
  • Laundering of hospital linen aimed at cleanliness and disinfection.
  • Facilities for drying, pressing and storage of soiled and cleaned linens.


Adequate sanitary facilities (toilets and bathrooms Separately for women) and safe continuous drinking water facilities is provided for the teaching staff, students(men and women), technical and other staff. Plumbers are available round the clock.