Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Department


Department of FMT indulge in teaching, training and practicing latest knowledge of forensic medicine, jurisprudence and toxicology, this includes up-to-date knowledge of relevant laws, rules, acts, duties and ethics related to modern medical practice and various toxicological interpretations and their practices.

We help in safeguarding interest of medical practitioner & public by making them aware or rights, duties, limitations, authority & jurisdiction sand thus practice knowledge accordingly. These knowledge &their practices provide great help to law enforcement agencies, judiciary and society.




Academic Activity

  • Department is fully furnished & well equipped for imparting quality education to U.G. as well as P.G. students according to latest NMC guidelines. We focus more on skill-based teaching.
  • We impart latest and practice based teaching to medical students through lecture, practical& Demonstration classes via different audio-visual aids i.e. LCD, OHP, Black board, field.
  • Regular Tutorials/ practical’s/ demonstrations are held, where learning of the students are carried out in different interesting ways to get their spirited participation, activities are also reckoned for Day- to-day assessment record of the students
  • Postgraduate: Daily PG Teaching Seminar, Case Presentation, Group Discussion & National and International Journal Classes is held in the dept. They assist and conduct the postmortem in the government Mortuary, Chandannagar Dehradun and assist the UG students in tutorials and demonstration classes of the dept.(Presently no PG Student)
  • Group discussion, role playing as in court of law, crime scene inspection etc.
  • Medico-legal demo case examination, documentation, reporting and interpretation of opinion like in case of sexual assault- victim & assailant, identification of age, gender, autopsy report, viscera preservation- reporting, death, fitness, sickness, drunkenness etc. certification.
  • Field visit - Visit to mortuary for practical demonstration of post mortem autopsy, visit scene of crime and forensic lab Panditwari dehradun.
  • Other Services and trainings- 
  • Faculty members of department provides expert advice and opinion in medico-legal cases to state law enforcement and judiciary in circumstances like judicial inquest etc.
  • Provides latest and practical knowledge to law enforcers about medical aspect in inquest, investigations, evidence collection, preservation and documentation. Mode of imparting knowledge is through workshops and seminars.
  • Provides knowledge through workshops and seminars, to medical practitioner about latest updates in medico legal framework, include relevant rules, acts, law, amendments and their practical implementation and jurisdictions.
  • Provide latest and skillful knowledge to medical practitioner about proper manner of medico-legal case examination like in case sexual offence, death, age, gender identification, fitness, sickness, legal boundation, duties, consent & responsibility in insanity, intoxications etc, also provides practical knowledge about medico-legal reporting, opinion, certification and documentation according to latest guidelines. Mode of imparting knowledge is through workshops and seminars.
  • Involved in extraction of bones by scientific way from human cadaveric remains, needed for providing training and skill development.

Excellence / Unique Services

Other Services


  • Demonstration Room: 2 Demonstration Room with capacity of 75 Students.
  • LABS - A. Undergraduate: - 1 UG Lab with capacity of 150 Students.
  • B. Postgraduate: - 4 Laboratory namely Forensic Serology, Forensic
  • Histopathology, Forensic Anthropology & Forensic Toxicology.
  • C. Separate Laboratory for Sexual offence Examination.
  • Museum of Forensic medicine & Toxicology having wax models, demo poisons& weapons, mounted & unmounted specimens.
  • Fully equipped Mortuary - including 1 autopsy room having 2 autopsy tables, 1 cold storage room having 8 deep freezer bodies, duty doctor rooms, student teaching hall, student locker room, store rooms, viscera preparation and body embalming room.
  • Library: having. no. of latest books, bare acts and journals. Many a times this space is utilized for seminars by U.G students.
  • Seminar Room: One separate seminar room exclusively for Faculty and P.G. having facility for presentation on black- board, OHP or LCD projector.
  • Computer Room: separate room in the center of the department with computer with Wifi internet facility.
  • Faculty Rooms