Medical Education Unit

Medical Education Unit (MEU) of SGRRIM&HS was established in year 2007 with the objective to improve the quality of medical training by training the teachers. The aim of MEU is to sensitize teachers about new concepts in teaching and assessment; to develop knowledge and clinical skills in teachers which are required for making competent Indian medical graduate; to develop good communication and behavioral skills in faculty and to update knowledge using modern information and research methodology tools.

It’s Infrastructure and facilities are as per MCI guidelines. It is presently located in separate building with the facility for conduction of workshops of 30-40 participants.

Trained and dedicated MEU team is conducting various workshops for faculty (As per MCI guidelines), PG and UG students since 2007. Besides this regular interdepartmental monthly CMEs, Guest lectures, Webinar and panel discussion are being conducted since then.

Details of MEU is as follows:

MEU Faculty:

  Name of Faculty Designation & Department Role in MEU
1 Dr. Ram Kumar Verma PRINCIPAL SGRRIM&HS, Professor, Department of Surgery Chairperson
2 Dr. Puneet Ohri Professor & Head, Department of Community Medicine   Coordinator
3 Dr. Anjali Chaudhary Professor, Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics Cocordinator
4 Dr. Alok Vardhan Mathur Professor, Department of Surgery Member
5 Dr. Megha Luthra Professor, Department of Community Medicine Member
6 Dr. Robina Makker Professor, Department of Anaesthesia Member
7 Dr. Aparna Bhardwaj Professor Department of Pathology Member
8 Dr. Lalit Kumar Professor& Head Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Member
9. Dr. Sulekha Nautiyal Professor & Head Department of Microbiology Member
10 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Srivastava Professor, Department of Radiology Member
11 Dr. Manali Associate Professor, Department of Radiology Member

Supportive Staff:

Attendant Mr. Pramod Naithani
Stenographer & Computer Operator Mr. Rakesh Aswal
Technicians in Audio-Visuals Aids Mr. Ganesh Rawat
Photographer & Artist Mr Bhaskar Mandola

Equipments Available:

Multimedia PC Internet enabled 2
Multimedia Projector 2
Screen for Projection 1
Scanner Printer/Copier 1
Laptop 1
Flip boards 1
Overhead Project 1
White Board 4
Black Board 2
PA System with cordless & Collar Mikes 2

Books related with Medical Education: 36
Journal related with Medical Education: 02

Details of Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technology conducted by MEU under supervision by allocated Regional Centre (Duration of all workshops: 3 days)

Date Name of Workshop No of Participants Observers from CMC, Ludhiana Nodal/Regional Centre
30th Oct -1st Nov 2017 Revised Basic Course  Workshop in Medical Education Technology 27 Dr Parmod Goyal, AIMS, Bathinda
27th-29th Nov 2014 Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technology 22 Dr. Shivani Jaswal GMC Chandigarh
  27th-29th  March 2014   Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technology   27   Dr Richa Thaman, SGRD Medical College, Amritsar
22nd-24th Aug 2013 Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technology 23 Dr Sheena Singh, CMC Ludhiana
28th-29th April 2010 Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technology 17 Dr Tejinder Singh, CMC Ludhiana
24th to 26th November 2009 Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technology 28 Dr Sheena Singh, CMC Ludhiana

Details of Faculty who have undergone Revised/Basic Course Workshop on Medical Education Technologies at the allocated MCI Regional Centre:

  Name of Faculty Designation & Department Course attended Mob No Email
1 Dr. Puneet Ohri Professor & Head  Community Medicine
  • ACME 2016 Batch at CMC Ludhiana
  • ATCOM Program on 21 Sept 2015 at CMC Ludhiana
  • RBCW , 22-24 Sept 2015 at CMC Ludhiana
  • BCW in Medical Education Technologies 19th-21st Sept 2014 CMC Ludhiana
2 Dr Anjali Choudhary Professor Deptt of Gynae & Obst
  • ACME Batch 15 at CMC
  • 21-23 April 2016, RBCW at CMC
  • ATCOM,  20th April 2016 at CMC
  • BCW at SGRRIM&HS Under Observer 28th -30 April 2010
3 Dr Amit Varma Prof & Head Deptt of Medicine
  • BCW at SGRRIM&HS Under MCI Observer 27th-29th Nov 2014
4 Dr. JP Sharma Professor, Surgery
  • BCW 19th -21st Sept 2014 at  CMC Ludhaina
5 Dr AV Mathur Professor, Surgery
  • 21-23 April 2016, RBCW
  • ATCOM,  25 Sept 2015
  • BCW , 19th-21st Sept 2014 at CMC Ludhiana
6 Dr Megha Luthra Professor, Comm Medicine
  • RBCW 17-19 April 2017 at CMC Ludhiana
  • ATCOM 20 April 2017 at CMC Ludhiana
7 Dr Robina Makker Associate Professor, Anesthesia
  • RBCW 17-19 April 2017 at CMC Ludhiana
  • ATCOM 20 April 2017 at CMC Ludhiana
8 Dr Amandeep Singh Professor & Head, Pharmacology
  • RBCW 27-29th Nov at SGRRIMHS , Dehradun
9634172016, 9876102154
9 Dr Shobit Garg        
10 Dr Nidhi Negi Assistant Professor, Microbiology 
  • RBCW 31st Oct to 2nd Nov at SGRRIMHS, Dehradun

Details of Faculty who have undergone FAIMER Fellowship/ Advance Course Workshop on Medical Education (ACME) Technologies at the allocated MCI Regional Centre:

  Name of Faculty Designation & Department Date of  course attended Advance Course /FAIMER Fellowship
1 Dr Puneet Ohri Profesor & Head, Community Medicine Advance Course in Medical Education  (5-9 April 2016) 2nd  session
2 Dr Anjali Choudhary Professor, Deptt of Gynae & Obst ACME Completed 1st  session 25-28th Aug 2014 2nd session 24 Feb-2 March 2015
3 Dr J P Sharma Professor Deptt of Surgery 1st  session 1-5 Sept 2015

Monthly CME Programs and Guest Lectures organized by MEU at Institute (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019):

Month Date Department Faculty Topic
January 2016 16th Anatomy Dr Sadakat Ali Foetal Circulation
TB & Chest Dr Dev Singh Jangpangi Diabetes Hypoventilation
February 2016 17th Biochemistry Dr Tariq Masood Quality control in clinical biochemistry laboratory
Cardiology Dr Tanuj Bhatia Simple solutions to complex cardiovascular diseases
March 2016 16th   Dr Satendri Devi Exercise physiology
Ophthalmology Dr Rupali Tyagi Ocular Manifestations in systemic diseases
April 2016 22nd Pathology Dr Seema Acharya Effusion cytology
ENT Dr V P Singh Cochlear Implant
May 2016 16th Microbiology Dr Nidhi Negi Zika virus-An update
Nephrology Dr Alok Kumar Interesting case of resistant hypertension
June 2016 14th Medical Education Unit Dr Punam Verma Ways to make your teaching effective
Plastic Surgery Dr Bhavna Prabhakar Lower limb trauma- Reconstructive plastic surgery
July 2016 20th Pharmacology Dr Shalu Bawa Adverse Drug reaction: Monitoring and Reporting
FMT Dr Lalit Varshney An Update on PC PNDT Act
23rd MEU and Surgery Dr Jonathan Asprer Supplemental Parenteral Nutrition and strategy for early Enteral nutrition
August 2016 17th Community Medicine Dr Neha Upadhyai SDG: the New Global Goals
Skin & VD Dr Anil Mehta Language of Dermatology
September 2016 24th Orthopedics Dr Mohit Synovial Chondromatosis. A rare site of Presentation
Gastroenterology Dr Sanjay Gupta Liver Abscess: Socio demographic determinants and clinical outcome
October 2016 21st MEU Dr A V Mathur Current Challenges in Post Graduate Training
Radiology Dr Ankur Mathur Radiation Protection & Safety
Surgery Dr Pradeep Aggarwal Koch’s Abdomen
November 2016 16th MEU Dr Grish Gupta Communication Skills in Medicine
Gynecology Dr Shweta Jain Dengue fever during pregnancy
Psychiatry Dr Shobit Garg Primary care management of Depression
December 2016 20th MEU Dr Vinay Rai Microteaching
Anesthesia Dr Ashutosh Anesthesia in patients of Tricuspid Atresia in already operated Glenn Shunt
Pediatrics Dr Mritunjay Kumar Approach to Antenataly diagnosed Hydronephrosis
January 2017 16th MEU Dr Punam Verma MCI Faculty development program ATCOM Module in medical curriculum
Pediatrics Dr Girish Gupta Innovations in Pediatrics
    February 2017 16th Anatomy Dr Suchit Kumar Risks of Embalming
Pulmonary Medicine Dr Dev Singh Unusual outcome of a case of occupational related disease with respiratory failure
March 2017 18th Ophthalmology Dr Ashish Kakkar Retina in Systemic disease
Bio Chemistry Dr Kiran Bhat Evaluate performance of laboratory based on quality indicators
Department of Anaesthesia and palliative medicine,Gujarat Cancer research Institute Dr Geeta Joshi Good Death : Human Right
22nd AXSHYA Dr Dixit S Unite to End TB- Leave no one behind World Tuberculosis Day
23rd Pediatrics Dr Girish Gupta Disaster Management
May 2017 12th Pathology Dr Gaurav Raturi Autologus blood transfusion
June 2017 16th Microbiology Dr Iva Chandola Keeping bugs at bay: Preventing Nosocomial Infections
MEU Dr Punam Verma Updates on Medical education Self Directed Learning
July  2017 15th Pharmacology Dr Hitender Kumar SGLT -2 Inhibitors : Risk vs Benefits
Surgery Dr Sanjay Sadhu Free Flaps
August 2017 4th Additional Chief Medical Officer Dr Puneet Chandra Approach to the patient with Swine flu {H1N1} from IDSP
8th Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr Shobha Srinath Management of Development disorders : No end to what can be done
24th Advocate Supremem court of India Mr Mahendrra Kumar Bajpai Customary Medico Legal issues
25th Forensic Medicine Dr RK Bansal Chemical Warfare
DVL Dr Anil Mehta Sunscreens
September 2017 13th Live Webinar Microbiology Dr Yash Javeri World Sepsis Day
14th Community Medicine Dr Shantanu Aggarwal Principles of Outbreak investigation
Orthopedics Dr Navdeep Singh Short segment fixation in unstable spine fractures.
October 2017 10 th Consultant Palliative care , Adelaide, Australia Dr Sally Williams End of Life care
November 2017 14 th   (Webcast)     Outwit Respiratory infections with wise choices.
20 Medicine Dr Tanuj Bhatia Acute Myocardial Infarction –Recent changes in Management-2017
Radiology Dr Prashant Sarda Role of Interventional Radiology in various clinical practices
December 2017 7 th Surgery Dr Ajay Verma Gun Shot Injury-A Case Presentation
Psychiatry Dr Shobit Garg Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: An overview
15 th Anaesthesia Dr Hariom Khandelwal Autologous blood transfusion and cell saver technique
Obs and Gynae Dr Anshu Sharma Management of Placenta Accreta: A team approach.
January 2018   20th         Department of Anatomy Dr Krishna Gopal, Embryological aspect of congenital anomalies of cardiovascular system
Department of Pediatrics Dr Shruti Kumar,  Topic: Early intervention in Neuro developmental disorders
February 2018 15th Bio Chemistry Dr Sumita Sharma Health benefits of Yoga-Biochemistry and Beyond.
Opthalmology Dr  Tarannum Shakeel,  Color Doppler analysis of pulsatile ocular blood flow in Glaucoma.
March 2018 20th March Medical Superintendent Dr Vinay Rai Medical Record Keeping
MEU Dr Amit Verma Medical Ethics
MEU Dr Alok Mathur Prescription Writing
April 2018 24 April Physiology Dr Nidhi Jain Physiology of Emotions
MEU Dr Punam Verma One Minute Perceptor
May 2018 5th  June Pathology Department Dr Pooja Sharma Kala ,  Sample collection in Pathology
Orthopedics Deparment. Dr Rahul Agarwal, TKR in Valgus knee
June 2018 16th July Panel Discussion Dr Anjali Chaudhary Dr Alok Mathur  How to Improve Postgraduate Teaching  
July 2018 20th July Microbiology Dr Geetika Rana Current Status of Hospital Acquired Infections in ICU: A two phase point prevalence study
Medicine Dr Nitin Bansal Hypertension and Special Situations
August 2018 16th Department of Surgery Dr Pradeep Singhal, Choledocolithiasis
Department of Pharmacology Dr Shalu Bawa, Counterfeit Medicines
September 2018 25th Panelist Dr. Vinay Rai Dr. V.K. Kataria Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Dr. Amandeep Singh Dr. Iva Chandola Dr. Puneet Ohri Moderator Dr. Anjali Chaudhary Dr. Alok Mathur Panel Discussion
October 2018 25th Department of F.M.T Dr. Jyoti Barwa Dr. Shobhit Garg Consent in Medical Practice Use of Internet Search Engine for enhancement of Academic Potential
November 2018 22th Department of Obst. & Gyane Department of Comm. Medicine Dr. Shweta Jain,   Dr. Ahwani Sharma Present Day relevance of Permi-mortem Cesarean  section A giant leap in Indian Health Insurance Policy
January 2019 20th Department of Pediatrics Dr. Nitesh   Seasonal influenza inching  
05th Feb Department of Pathology & Microbiology Dr. Seema Acharya   Dr. Ajay Gandhi Anti-phospholipid syndrome in brief Lab-Diagnosis of anti-phospholipid syndrome
February 2019 18th Department of Opthalmology Dr. Sushobhan Dass Gupta Cataract in Torch complex.
March 2019 12th April Department of Biochemistry Dr. Kiran Bhatt H-mole presenting with negative urine pregnancy test & high serum β HCG levels- The Hook Effect: Case report
12th April Department of Radiology Dr. Rohit Sharma   Dr. Prashant Sharda a) Venous intervention in Peripheral vessels
b) Venous intervention in portal hypertension
April 2019 08th May Department of Biochemistry Dr. Pooja Bhadoria   Virtual dissection as a new medical teaching tools.
08th May Department of Radiology Dr. Mayank Agarwal Interleuking: The good in the bad.
May 2019 14th May Department of Pathology Dr. Neelima Bahl The Changing face of Pathology
Department of Orthopedics Dr. Navneet Badoni Treatment of uni-compartmental OA knee by High Tibial Osteotomy
24th May Department of Psychiatry Dr. Shobit Garg World Schizophrenia Day: Mental illnesses are treatable
June 2019 13th June MEU Speakers:
Dr. Anjali Choudhary, Dr. Rajeev Acharya, Dr. Alok Mathur
Symposium on Medical Ethics
July 2019 18th July Department of Medicine & Microbiology Speakers:
Dr. Amit Varma, Dr. Iva Chandola
Pancreatic Clock Minimum inhibitory concentration: Facts & fables
August 2019 22nd Aug Department of Pharmacology & Surgery Speakers:
Dr. Amandeep Singh, Dr. Madhu lata Rana
Sources of Drug Information Laproscopic Cholecystectomy in a case of situs inversus
September 2019 26th Sept MEU Speakers:
Dr. Anjali Chaudhary, Dr. Puneet Ohri
Android applications for medical education Time management
October 2019 7th Nov Department of Dentistry & FMT Speakers:
Dr. Disha T. Bansal, Dr. Vivek Mangare
Management of Discoloured teeth Precautions while issuing Medical Certificate of cause of death
November 2019 14th Nov Department of Community Medicine & OBG Speakers:
Dr. Soumya Mohanti, Dr. Anjali Chodhary
National Medical Commission Eisenmenger complex in pregnancy
December 2019 19th Dec Department of Psychiatry & Anesthesia Speakers:
Dr. Shobhit Garg, Dr. Ashutosh Singh
Transgender Health: Him/ Her Ventilators strategies in ARDS

Vertical Integration Session for undergraduates was organized on 30.3.17

Topic Vertical Integration Session on “Thyroid Gland”.

The departments involved would be Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Clinical Medicine, Surgery, Social and Preventive Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics.

Symposium conducted on 20.3.18

  • Medical record keeping , Medical Ethics and Prescription writing

Panel discussion on 16.7.18

  • How to improve Post Graduate Teaching