The Department of Pediatrics at Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical & Health Sciences and associated Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital is a multispecialty academic department. It has played a pivotal role in nurturing various pediatric subspecialties. We have well developed specialties of Neonatology, Pediatric endocrinology, Pediatric neurology, Pediatric Intensive Care and developmental clinic.

At present, the department has 11 faculty members headed by Prof. Utkarsh Sharma. All the faculty members are involved in research, training and teaching activities. The department holds MD course in Pediatrics. The annual intake for the MD course is 6 students.

The Department of Pediatrics is the Program Study Centre for the management of covid in children. It is also involved in training of medical officers and paediatrician.

Infrastructure Available / Special Machine/ Equipment

  • The Department has a total of 90 beds in paediatrics ward. We have 3 units, 30 beds in each unit
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is housed on the 3rd floor in North Block building. It has 20 beds 10 equipped with ventilators and all 20 with multipara monitors for intensive care in children. It also has an ABG machine.
  • The Department also offers dedicated Pediatric Endocrinology services, where children with diverse types of endocrinological diseases are treated.
  • We have a dedicated Child developmental clinic. The Child development Clinic is held on all OPD days. Services of child Psychologist and Physiotherapist are also available in the clinic.
  • Pediatric Asthma clinic is held every Monday. The department has facilities for performing spirometry in children.
  • We have dedicated 6 beds ward for Thalassemia patients. A Thalassemia Clinic has been established in the Department. Children suffering from Thalassemia are provided regular blood transfusions and iron chelation therapy.
  • Immunization services are provided in the OPD daily except Sunday and holidays.
  • The department has a seminar room, a library, and 3 demonstration rooms.
  • The departmental library functions round the clock and it has all the latest textbooks pertinent to Pediatrics and computer facilities with internet connection.
  • The Department of Neonatology has the Neonatal Intensive Care unit (NICU) with total 16 NICU beds including level III (10 ventilators), step down and PNC units, KMC unit. The NICU is located on the 1st floor of Middle block building. We have facility of bedside ultrasonography and echocardiography. We also have facility of ROP screening and OAE.


Routine Clinical Services Provided by the Department

OPD Services

  • Routine immunization clinical daily from Monday to Saturday
  • General Pediatrics OPD daily
  • Pediatric Subspecialities OPD
  • Child Psychology OPD daily
  • High risk newborn follow up OPD


IPD Services

  • NICU
  • PICU
  • Exchange Transfusion
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Phototherapy units
  • Thalassemia ward
  • Peritoneal dialysis


Unique Clinical Services

  • Child development Clinic - 1ST unit established in Uttarakhand
  • Pediatric physiotherapy, occupational therapy and rehabilation
  • Pedatric Endocrinology
  • KMC ward
  • Breast feeding counseling


Routine Academic Activity

  • Daily Postgraduate teaching in the department from 9-10 AM, including case presentation, general club, seminars and Group discussion
  • Thesis presentation (every 14 th day), mortality meet and statistics presentation
  • Interdepartmental CMEs, Perinatology meet and guest lectures
  • Undergraduate teaching>
    • Clinical and ward teaching daily 9-12 pm
    • Lectures on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
    • Demonstration daily 2-3 pm
    • Evening ward teaching daily 6-8 pm
  • Other than these routine academics department hosts many workshops and CMEs for Postgraduates and nursing staff training