1. Introduction: Pharmacology Department 

The Department of Pharmacology is located on the First, Second and Third floor of Microbiology and Pharmacology block of the Medical College. The department is approved and fully equipped to undertake the training of 150 MBBS student and 6 Post Graduate students each academic year. MBBS and MD Pharmacology students have optimum facilities for conducting intact and isolated animal experiments and Computer Simulated Experiments. The department has a well established skill lab for training MBBS and MD students on the different routes of drug administration with the help of mannequins. The department houses the Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre (AMC) which is duly affiliated with the National Pharmacovigilance Centre, Ghaziabad (Government of India) and actively participating in PVPI (Pharmacovigilance Program Of India). It efficiently works to collect and report the Adverse Drug Reactions and AEFI (Adverse Effects Following Immunization) reports from the hospital every month.  The department caters to the Animal House with more than 500 albino rats breeding and thriving in suitable environmental conditions for the purpose of animal experimentation and trading.

2. Infrastructure available/ special machine/ equipment:  

The MBBS labs include a Clinical pharmacology lab well equipped with mannequins, a computer aided  learning lab , post graduate  labs  with all the desired equipments including a Langendroff instrument for performing animal experiments, a well established ADR monitoring centre, demonstration rooms for conducting small group discussions, a library with latest journals , books and other reading material. The department also has a museum which exhibits photographs depicting various adverse drug reactions, charts pertaining to history of Pharmacology and various systems, many drug samples and dosage forms and other educational information.

3. Routine clinical services:

  • The departmental skill lab provides training to MBBS and MD students on different routes of drug administration with the help of mannequins.
  • Computer aided learning laboratory is equipped to conduct simulated experiments for MBBS and MD training.
  • Various research projects are undertaken by the department each year.
  • Monthly collection and reporting of adverse drug reactions received from the hospital.

4. Unique clinical services provided by department:

  • Adverse drug monitoring centre (AMC) which is duly affiliated with National Coordination Centre, Ghaziabad, which is responsible for monthly reporting of various ADRs obtained from OPD and IPD patients of the hospital.  Adverse Events following immunization (AEFI) are also reported to NCC Ghaziabad every month.
  • The department contributes in the research projects of other departments by helping in formulating desired dosage forms.
  • A skill lab where hands on training is provided for various routes of drug administration to MBBS and MD students. 
  • A computer aided lab with simulated programs for experimental pharmacology.

5. Routine academic activity:

a. Under Graduate Classes (MBBS Students)

Theory and practical classes including interactive lectures, small group discussions, tutorials, seminars and demonstrations, practical exercises including prescription writing, drug dosage calculation, critical appraisal and effective communication of prescriptions, adverse drug reaction recognition and reporting, effective doctor patient communication skills,  simulation based teaching for Routes of Drug Administration and computer aided learning.

b. Post Graduate Classes (MD Pharmacology Students)

PG Lectures, seminars, practical exercises including bioassays on chicken/rat intestine, thin layer chromatography, computer aided learning, screening activities on intact animals, microteaching, discussions, abstract clubs and journal clubs.

6. Academic activity excellence:

The department is credited with more than 70 International and National publications which has eminently contributed in receiving MCI and UGC accreditation and also plays evident role in post graduate seat increase in various departments.

7. Other Service platform:

  • Research methodology Workshops
  • Quiz Competitions
  • Pharmacovigilance : ( ADR Monitoring Centre)