Dr. Randhir Singh
Department Physiology
Area of Interest
Qualifications MSc. medical Physiology, PHD. Physiology

Brief profile and Achievements

  • Randhir Singh, Hemant Saini, Narendra Kumar Sah. Sleep attenuates body mass index, cardiorespiratory fitness, and its effecton blood pressure in young adolescents: The cross-sectional lifestyle,biomarkers, and early risk of hypertension.Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol. Year: 2022, Volume: 12 /Issue 12
  • Randhir Singh, Hemant Saini, Jasdeep Singh Sandhu, Narendra Kumar Sah. Obesity: A mediator between cardiorespiratory fitness and self-reportedsleep pattern among future physicians.Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol. Year: 2022, Volume: 12/ Issue 12.
  • Vishavdeep Kaur, Lily Walia, Randhir Singh. Critical Flicker Fusion Frequency: Effect of Age, Gender, Sleep and Display Screens.June 2020, Volume 7 | Issue 6 |ISSN (Online): 2393-915X; (Print): 2454-7379
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  • Randhir Singh Bisht, Lily Walia, Bimal K. Agrawal. An analytical study of sleep duration, BMI and Blood Pressure reactivity among medical college students.October 2019Volume 10, Number 10, ISSN 0976-0245.
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  • Kaur Jaswinder, Sandhu Jasdeep, Kaur Vishavdeep, Bisht Randhir. Males vs Females – Risk of developing early hypertension. Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences(SJAMS) 2015; 3(5A):1848-1850