Dr. Kavita Singh
Department Physiology
Area of Interest
Qualifications MBBS MD

Brief profile and Achievements

  • Kavita Singh, Rinku Garg, Shaktibala Dutta, Prashant Jain, To Study the prevalence of Internet Addiction in Students of Medical Colleges of Northen India. Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education 2022; 16(6): 2230-7540.
  • Kavita Singh, Rinku Garg, Prashant Jain, Nidhi Jain, Neeru Garg, Assessment of examination stress and its outcome on visual reaction time and hand grip dynamometer endurance in undergraduate medical students. National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2021; 11 (9)
  • Bharti Bhandari, Deepti Chopra, Kavita Singh. Self directed learning: Assessment of students aablities and their perspective. Adv. Physciol Educ 2020; 44: 383-386.
  • Shikha Gautam, Kavita Singh, Rinku Garg. Evaluation of academic stress and its effect on visual reaction time in undergraduate medical students. Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research 2018;6(5):388-391.
  • Kavita Singh, Rinku Garg, Shikha Gautam, Y Tripathi. To study the relation between ABO blood group, prehypertension and BMI. International journal of Science and Research 2018;7(11): 1506-1509.