Dr. Sanjay Kaushik
Department Pathology
Area of Interest
Qualifications MBBS MD

Brief profile and Achievements

  • Goel P, Acharya S, Kaushik S, Bahal N, Malviya A. Chediak higashi syndrome: A case report of rare anomaly, Indian J case report. 2019, Aug.
  • Kaushik S, Bahal N, Kishore S, Acharya S, Goel I, Kumar R. Assessment of Iron status in cases of anemia: A comparative analysis by Gale’s and Intensive method. Annals of pathology and laboratory medicine. 2018;5(2):129-33.
  • Kaushik S, Thakur B, Kishore S, Kala P. Role of p53 expression in pterygium in natives from hilly area. Annals of pathology and laboratory medicine.2018;5(10):DOI:10.21276/APALM.2058.
  • Arora D, Kaushik S, Azad S, Kaur A, Kishore S. Haematological alteration in initially diagnosed & relapse/recurrent cases of malaria: A comparative study. JCDR.2018;12(9):EC06-09.
  • Petwal S, Bhardwaj A, Kumar R, Kaushik S, Kishore S. Profile of IHC Markers in lung tumors, Annals of pathology and laboratory Medicine. Accepted.
  • Bhatia G, Kaushik S, Kumar R, Kishore S, Bhatia U. Coagulation Profile in Liver diseases-A study of 300 cases in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Uttrakhand,India. International Journal of Advanced and Integrated Medical Sciences.2017;2(2):61-64.
  • Thakur B, Kaushik S, Garg S, Kishore S. Distribution pattern of ER & PR immunoexpression in Endometrial biopsies of DUB and infertile patients from a Tertiary care centre. Annals of pathology and laboratory medicine. 2017; 4(6):626-31.
  • Thakur B, Kishore S, Dutta K, Kaushik S , Bhardwaj A. Role of p53 and Ki-67 immunomarkers in Carcinoma of urinary bladder. Indian J Pathol Microbiol.2017;60(4): 505-509.
  • Thakur B, Kaushik S,Kishore S, Kumar R , Rajput A. ABO/Rh distribution pattern and prevalence of irregular antibodies in healthy blood donor of Uttrakhand. J.Evolution Med.Dent Sci.2016;5(56):3852-3856.