World Rabies Day - 2022


World Rabies Day is celebrated every year on 28 September 2022 to raise awareness about the world's deadliest infectious disease and bring together the partners to enhance together prevention and control efforts worldwide.

Department of Community Medicine, Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical & Health Sciences (SGRRIM&HS) also observed world rabies day this year by organizing the following activities:
  • Health talk was given by Dr. Puneet Ohri (HOD, Deptt. of Community Medicine), Dr.Megha Luthra (Professor, Deptt. of Community Medicine) and Dr. Kajal Gupta (Professor, Department of Community Medicine) in the field areas adopted for family adoption by our department.
  • Another Health Talk was given to the students by Dr. Vani Sharma (Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine), Dr. B Sudha Spandana (Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine) in Smt. Radha Shyam Junior High School, Brahamanwala, Dehradun where a Free Health Camp was being organized by Shri Mahant Indiresh hospital and SGRRIM&HS.
  • The students of MBBS Batch 2021 and the interns of SGRRIM&HS also addressed the residents of Brahmanwala and distributed pamphlets on Rabies prevention to them.
  • Health talk and banner display was done at the Deptt. of Community Medicine, SGRRIM&HS’s Rural Health Training Centre Mothrowala, Dehradun by the interns and its incharge Dr. Neha Upadhyay(Associate Professor, Deptt. of Community Medicine).
  • Health talk on prevention of Rabies was given at Deptt. of Community Medicine, SGRRIM&HS’s Urban Health Training,Khurbura, Dehradun by interns and incharge Dr. Soumya Mohanty (Assistant Professor , Deptt. of Community Medicine).