Severe Electric Current Burn Injury Treated Through Successful Complicated Surgeries by Dr. P.K Tyagi


Jitender (25 years), a resident of village Sunderpur, Tehsil Behat, Saharanpur is an Electrician by profession. He is employed by a govt. electric contractor. He was instructed by the contractor to change the electric line over a transformer. He climbed over the transformer using a ladder. He was ignorant of the dangerous fact that the transformer was active (its electric supply was still running). He was hit fatally over the Abdomen and Right Hand by the high power 11,000 Volt line running over the transformer and was thrown down on the ground by the electric shock. He laid unconscious over the ground. His colleagues immediately rang up his father Mr. Rishipal, who in the past was treated at Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital and got a new life and thus was aware of the high repute and expertise of the doctors there, rushed Jitender, with the help of his colleagues straight to Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital. He was admitted under Surgeon Dr. Parveen Kumar Tyagi. Dr. Tyagi conducted his very first complicated surgery successfully. The first surgery lasted for around three and a half hrs, while the other two for one and a half hours each. Two more surgeries were conducted by him within a period of three and a half months.

According to Dr. P.K. Tyagi, the treatment of Jitender was very complicated one which was done through three surgeries which were done at specific intervals to perfectly suit his recovery. A particular gap was crucial between the three surgeries as it was the vital time required by his body to be prepared for the surgeries. Jitender’s body had 20 to 25 percent deep burns. His intestines had bursted out as a result of this electric shock. His right upper limb had most severe burns and this resulted into gangrene (charred). So the right upper limb was amputated in the very first surgery in order to stop it further. Amputation of the limb was the last option otherwise the patient would have died. According to Dr. P.K. Tyagi’s expert advice, the people near to the patient must immediately disconnect the electricity before the patient touched only with wood or rubber, people should not surround the patient allowing him to breathe properly, he should be provided with first aid and should be rushed to a specialized centre. He said that the extent of fatality of an electric shock can vary from a minor displeasing sensation to instant death, it depends upon the magnitude of the electric current and the body part it attacks. The most fatal electric shocks are those which result from electric currents of more than 1000 volts but still timely treatment by experienced surgeons can still save the life. Alternate Current is more dangerous than Direct Current. He further said that the proper treatment needs multi-disciplinary approach. He urged the general practitioners located at far-flung areas to provide the life saving treatment to the patient and refer the patient to a multi-disciplinary hospital in time which plays vital role in patient’s life saving.

Significant roles were also played by Surgeons Dr. Naveen Kumar Singh, Dr. Harika and Dr. Rohit Bansal and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bhawna Prabhakar

Now, Jitender has been discharged from the hospital and rapidly coming back to normal life. His father Rishipal and family say that they have no words to thank Dr. P.K. Tyagi, his team and Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital who have proved angels to his son and family, who had lost all the hopes of survival and normal life.