Infant Mortality Rates Alarming During Birth, Specialists Suggest Measures Of Prevention


 - One Day Workshop organized at SGRRIM&HS jointly by IAP and FOGSI

Dehradun. A One Day Workshop was organized at Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical & Health Sciences. This workshop was organized jointly by Indian Academy of Pediatrics (I.A.P.), Dehradun branch and Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI), Dehradun branch. More than 70 renowned Pediatricians and Gynaecologists from all over India participated in this Perinatology workshop. Specialists raised extreme concern over infant mortality rates during child birth and suggested solutions for prevention and safety from this. 

On Sunday, this workshop which was organized on the topic ‘Perinatology – Caring for both ends of the Cord’ was initiated by I.A.P. India’s Uttarakhand’s Executive Board member Dr. Utkarsh Sharma. In the workshop, specialists expressed ideas and shared knowledge over the medical and scientific aspects of both the ends of placenta of the infant.

While addressing the gathering at the occasion, National Convener of the workshop, Dr. Vishnu Mohan while explaining the topic said that in our country India, it’s unfortunate that as much as 8 lakhs deaths of new born babies within first month of their birth.

He said that the prime reason for the death of these new born babies is the carelessness related to medical guidelines. During child birth, proper coordination and dialogue between pediatricians and gynaecologists  can minimize the infant mortality rates (death rates of the babies).

National Convener of the workshop, Pediatrician Dr. S.S. Bisht from New Delhi explained the various precautions to be observed from the time of getting pregnant till the time of baby birth. He explained the methods to be used by doctors to keep the mother as well as the unborn baby both healthy.

President, FOGSI, Dehradun, Dr. Arti Luthra explained that all the points in which understanding between pediatricians and gynaecologists remains insufficient. She emphasized that if proper coordination and dialogue takes place between the pediatricians and gynaecologists on these points, then the health of both the mother and baby.

HOD, Deptt. of Pediatrics, Dr. Utkarsh Sharma explained the various medical complications and how to handle them during pre mature deliveries. He informed that pre mature deliveries are one of the major causes of deaths of new born babies. He also informed that the infection in new born babies (neo natal sepsis) from mother or any contaminated surroundings.

The prime objective of the workshop was to minimize infant mortalities (deaths of new born babies) by ensuring proper coordination and dialogue between the pediatricians and gynaecologists. Another objective was to spread awareness in the society that child birth of pregnant women must be done only at hospital or healthcare centres under the supervision of doctors or health workers. 

Significant roles were also played by Dr. Rajiv Srivastava, President, IAP, Uttarakhand, Dr. Alok Semwal, President, Indian Medical Association, Dehradun, Dr. B.P. Kalra, Dr. Sumit Vohra, President, IAP, Dehradun branch, Dr. Tanvi Khanna, Secretary, IAP, Dehradun, Dr. Ashish Sethi, Treasurer, IAP, Dehradun Branch, Dr. Radhika Raturi, Secreatry, FOGSI, Dehradun Branch, Dr. Reena Ahuja, Dr. Suman Sethi, Dr. Anudheer, Dr. Vanita, Dr. Daisy Pathak, Dr. Yogita in making this workshop successful.